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Certification candidates are required to provide the following affirmation in lieu of oath before they can take the examination. The affirmation in lieu of oath is archived in the certification candidate's personal file. This information is treated as strictly confidential and it is stored in accordance with the IAPM's privacy policy and the European Union's data protection legislation.

  1. I agree to satisfy and conduct myself in accordance with all IAPM certification programme policies and requirements.
  2. I shall maintain confidentiality of IAPM examination questions and content. Furthermore, I agree not to copy, discuss, debrief or disclose, in any manner, the specific content of IAPM examination questions and answers to any individual.
  3. I certify and swear that I have performed the exam entirely alone and without the help of any other individual, literature or any other means of assistance.
  4. I agree that I shall at all times act in a truthful and honest manner and provide truthful and accurate information to the IAPM. I agree that any intentional or unintentional failure to provide true, timely and complete responses to questions in this application may lead to further investigation and/ or sanctions by the IAPM.
  5. I agree that all materials that I submit to the IAPM certification department become the property of the IAPM certification department, and that the IAPM certification department is not required to return any of these materials to me.
  6. I agree that information related to my participation in the IAPM certification process may be used in an anonymous manner for research purposes only.
  7. I agree that all disputes relating in any way to my application for an IAPM certificate and/ or my involvement generally in an IAPM certification program, will be resolved solely and exclusively by means of IAPM certification department policies, procedures and rules. Any disputes or lawsuits are excluded.
  8. The IAPM reserves the right to suspend or revoke the certificate of any individual who is determined to have failed to uphold, or otherwise breached this agreement. In this case, the IAPM reserves the right to pursue criminal proceedings.
  9. I hereby release, discharge and indemnify the IAPM, its directors, officers, members, examiners, employees, attorneys, representatives, agents and the IAPM certification department from any actions, suits, obligations, damages, claims or demands arising of or in connection with this application, the scores given with respect to the examination or any other action taken by the IAPM with regard to certifying, testing and professional development including, but not limited to, all actions related to ethics matters and cases.
  10. I understand and agree that any decision concerning my qualification for any certificate, as well as any decisions regarding my continuing qualification for any certificate rest within the sole and exclusive discretion of the IAPM, and that these decisions are final.