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Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) in a nutshell

Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) cheat sheet

You would like to take the Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) certification exam but there are still some questions in your mind?

You will find answers to (nearly) all your questions bundeled in our CJAPM-cheat sheet. This sheet is a collection of frequently asked questions - presented in a easy-to-read manner.
The information is structured as follows:

  • General information
  • Preparation and pre-test
  • During the exam
  • After the exam and certificate

You will also get a quick overview about the most important links. Furthermore, the whole certification process is visualised.

Where to find the cheat sheet?

The cheat sheet was published on
You have two options:

Both versions are identical and the decision is up to you, whether to use the online cheat sheet or to download the sheet here.

If you have any further questions that are not answered in the summary, please contact us. As usual, you can reach us by email and we are always happy to help you with any questions.