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The project and its environment

The analysis and management of the environment and the stakeholders are essential steps for planning and implementing any agile project.

Projects aren't implemented in a vacuum. They are implemented within legal/ contractual frameworks and subject to constraints on human/ technical resources etc.. The timely identification of important issues so that they can be taken into account ensures the project's success. What kind of an environment is your project being implemented in? What do you have to pay attention to in the following areas [10][11]?


Political - political framework
Which "powerhouses" do you have to take into consideration? Are there conflicts of interests?


Economic - economic framework
Are there economic constraints? Important economic interests? Competitors? Do seasonal or cyclical fluctuations have to be taken into account?


Sociology - sociological framework
Is the project subject to ethical or moral constraints? Do you have to take the sentiments or emotions of people affected by the project into account?


Technology - technological framework
Do technical innovations have to be integrated in the project? Are the technologies tried and tested? Do you have to consider trade mark rights or licenses?


Legal - legal framework
What is the legal framework? Which laws and regulations apply to your project?


Environment - ecological framework
Will your project pollute the environment? Do you have to consider environmental regulations or restrictions?