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The self-test (or pre-test in the case of the "Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM)" certification) and the certification examination can be taken online on the IAPM website with any computer or mobile device. Certification candidates must have their applications approved by the IAPM before they can take the certification examination.

This approval is obtained in a formal admissions procedure. Applicants are not required to prove formal training or attendance of a course provided by an IAPM-licensed training partner to be eligible for admission to the certification examination. However, the IAPM advises them to take a preparatory course with an IAPM-licensed training partner prior to the examination.

Self-test/ Pre-test

Certification candidates can take the self-test to get an idea of what kind of questions they will encounter in the examination and the level of difficulty. A pre-test which is similar to the self-test is an integral aspect of the "Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM)" certification. The test is accessed via the website at When the certification candidates have taken the self-test or pre-test, the IAPM sends feedback on their level of knowledge in the areas covered by the certification examination. This enables them to focus learning activities on specific areas and remedy any knowledge deficits.

Certification examination

When candidates have been admitted to the certification examination by the IAPM they can use a computer or mobile device of their choice to take it. Before the examination is taken the candidate is required to sign an affidavit confirming that they will take the examination alone and without any outside assistance or materials. The questions cover all IAPM competence elements as set out in the respective PM Guides*. They are taken randomly from a comprehensive catalogue of questions that is updated regularly.

*Project Managers' Guide, Agile Project Managers' Guide and International PM Guide 2.0

Passing the certification examination

To pass the certification examination you have to score at least 65 %. The examination is graded automatically immediately after it is taken and the candidate is informed of the result via electronic communication. If the candidate passes the certification examination an internationally recognized certificate is issued.

Retaking the certification exam

Candidates who do not pass the certification examination may retake it at a time of their choice. If the second attempt is a fail, the candidate has to wait 12 months before the certification examination can be taken again. A third fail excludes the candidate from all further certification examinations.