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In 1997 the IAPM was still a fledgling association. It started out as a loosely structured international network for project managers who shared the objectives of promoting and modernising project management and providing young project managers with the tools to work effectively and successfully. Since then, the International Project Manager Meetings (IPMM) have taken place at regular intervals.

Back in 1998 the IAPM published the precursor to the Project Managers' Guide, the IAPM By-laws of Project Management. These by-laws were completely revised and adapted to modern requirements and real-life project management scenarios in the PM Guide 2.0, which was published in 2010. In the same year, the IAPM was completely relaunched. In March 2011, the "Scrum Guide 1.0" was published, the precursor of the "Agile PM Guide 2.0".

In 2021, the PM Guide 2.0 was replaced by the Project Managers' Guide and the Agile PM Guide 2.0 was updated and is now known as Agile Project Managers' Guide. Both guides are always up-to-date due to their unique appearance.

The range of IAPM certification in project management is broad: certificates valid for life are issued in the traditional field as well as in the agile and international field of project management.

The IAPM is an independent certification body which examines the knowledge and competence of the certification candidates with a comprehensive, fair and neutral online examination system. Examinees can thus take the IAPM tests whenever and wherever they like to, as long as they have an internet-enabled device and a stable internet connection. The certification system is therefore tailored to the challenging world of project management in the 21st century.

However, the IAPM is not only characterised by the fact that it is a certification organisation. It stands out from other organisations of its kind because it is not a membership-based but a network-focused organisation.

Moreover, each candidate can decide for himself which type of preparation is best suited for him. Attending a training course of an IAPM training partner is not obligatory; preparation for our certification exams is also possible via self-study. Once a candidate has taken and passed the certification test, he becomes part of the IAPM network – without having to pay a membership fee. And why? Because the IAPM is convinced that genuine enthusiasm is the best contribution to a network.

Anyone who wants to participate in the activities of the IAPM can become a Network Official. In all parts of the world, IAPM Network Officials are actively involved in developing and promoting project management. They are eager to share their experience and knowledge. Interested individuals can also become training partners or authors for our IAPM blog. Anyone who would like to participate is welcome to share their thoughts with the IAPM.

As you have probably noticed, we only use the generic masculine. We do this for the sake of readability – of course, all titles, professional titles and salutations refer to members of all genders. We genuine believe that the profession of project manager should not be reserved for one gender and that members of all genders can be excellent project managers, program managers, sub-project managers or work package owners. Therefore, we want to encourage and support each individual to become a good project manager!