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Conflicts are part of the human's nature.

1. Preventing conflicts
The main thing is to prevent conflicts from occurring. How do you do that?

Keep your eyes open at all times to identify any latent conflicts! And remember that the conflict may still occur, even if you are watchful [30].

2. Conflict management: covert conflicts

  • Is the conflict out in the open or covert?
  • Have you prepared a social network diagram?
  • Have you correctly identified the parties to the conflict?
  • Have you created profiles of the conflict partners?
  • Are the conflict partners included in the organisation chart?

3. Conflict management: open conflicts

  • Have you checked where the conflict is in the conflict spiral?
  • Have you checked whether you are the right conflict manager for your project organisation form?
  • Have you used the 10-point-plan for conflict management [31]?
  • Have you obtained professional advice (works council, company medical officer, company psychologist, mediator, arbitrator, legal expert, line manager, steering committee etc.)?
  • Have you reported, transferred, escalated the conflict to the proper persons or departments?