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The project objective has to be clearly defined. You can only guide your project team in achieving the project objectives if you know what the objectives are.
Are the objectives clearly defined or is further clarification necessary?
Go to objective definition checklist if necessary.

As project manager, you have to guide your team and your suppliers [27].
Can you do that? Have you got their confidence and the necessary competence?
Go to project organisation and/ or team building checklist if necessary.

You have to explain the processes and next steps to the project team.
Is the project environment clearly structured and are planning activities consistent?
Go to phase model and/ or process and time schedule checklist if necessary.

People don't want to feel confused.
Are the procedures and decisions comprehensible?
Go to workshop procedure checklist if necessary.

Decisions have to be made.
Are you aware of the consequences of your decisions? Are your decisions substantiated? Can you stick by your decisions once you have made them?
Go to risk analysis checklist if necessary.

You work in a team with people from different fields who want to prove their competence. Each of them has to be given the opportunity to shine!
Have you given the other people in the project their share of the limelight?
Go to team building checklist if necessary.

You are a manager and a leader. Management is all about asking questions. Open-ended questions!
"Why?" is a management question. Did you use it the last time you talked to project team members?
Go to meetings and workshops checklist if necessary.

Can you do that?

A leader has to set an example, be more resilient and shoulder greater levels of stress as the team members!