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Sometimes, when you are briefed on a project, ideas may have already been outlined, and a requirements analysis, status quo report or project contract may already exist. Often, project managers don't have to start their projects from scratch because they have access to relatively well-structured basic materials. As project manager, you can either read through these materials to familiarise yourself with them or, better, organise a workshop. After consulting the customer, invites potential core team members to attend your workshop. In large-scale or extensive projects, it is important for the customer to send out the workshop invitations.

1. Project objectives
Date of objective definition, participants

2. Workshop procedure

  • Write down the quality, cost and time objectives on the basis of the contract or the customer's briefing
    Individual work 10 min
  • Summarise quality, cost and time objectives, prioritise objectives and clarify differences of opinion or perception
    Team work 15 min
  • Are the objectives realistic? If not, why not? What do you suggest?
    Team work 10 min
  • Have conflicting objectives been avoided? If not, why not? What do you have to bear in mind?
    Team work 10 min

3. Workshop follow-up
Now you have to speak to the customer about the defined objectives. Clarify whether the objectives are realistic. If they are, the customer can formally appoint you as project manager, give you the appropriate authority to implement the next steps in the project and assign any necessary resources to you.