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Projects are teamwork undertakings. In order to organise this team work, the project manager has to define work packages. He can take them from the WBS.

But who is the project manager's partner in the project?

Step 1
Decide which functional unit in the organisation or which external partner could perform the WP. Include the unit or external company in the WBS and create the first organisation breakdown structure (OBS), assign sub-project managers and the people who will be responsible for the work packages.

Step 2
It will be necessary to prepare a skills profile for some WPs so that the WP responsibilities can be defined. It may be possible to gain the customer, the personnel department and/ or (subject to the customer's consent) a line manager as supporters in this task. If the organisation implementing the project has a quality management system, e.g. based on ISO 9000, there may be pre-defined employee profiles in the QA manual.

Step 3
Define the people responsible for the WPs; possibly in conjunction with the people specified in step 3.

Step 4
It may be necessary to discuss the WPs with the person who is responsible for it and make some adjustments.

Step 5
Create a project organisation chart and establish an escalation procedure in case of a crisis [18]. Clarify whether you, the project manager, have decision authority in the event of a crisis. Why? Because you have the most extensive knowledge of the project.

Procedures after defining the WPOs and SPMs
The project is now integrated in the line organisation.