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Your project is in the implementation phase, but are you still in control or losing the thread? To find out, you have to implement regular project reviews [22].

For example, you can implement reviews at phase transitions.

Ask yourself and your team (SPM, WPO):

  • What is the project's current status in terms of quality, deadline and cost objective achievement?
  • What did we want to achieve, what have we achieved?
  • What problems were encountered?
  • Why?
  • Are the project requirements being met?
  • What do I have to do to bring the project back into line when deviations occur?
  • Do the objectives have to be revised?
  • Can float time be used?

The review covers both technical and emotional aspects of the project and you can use the review findings to forward plan and manage risks. Risk management is a valuable asset to you throughout the project and it helps you to keep in touch with your project!

Incorporate any agreements that are made in your planning activities.

Procedures after the project review
As project manager, you present the review findings to the customer. Take your deputy project manager along to these meetings with you.