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Stress makes people ill, and it's the last thing you need. Do everything you can to avoid stress - if you have the power to do so [34]!

1. Stress analysis

  • Who or what is causing the stress?
  • Why am I stressed?
  • Has it built up recently or over a long period?

    Temporary stress is caused by things such as:

    • crises
    • strokes of fate
    • force majeure
    • hopelessness

    Permanent stress is caused by things such as:

    • conflicts
    • high workload
    • mental overload

2. Measures
Can I do something to combat the stress or do I have to become more resistant to it? Prepare a stress management and stress resistance plan and be very disciplined about sticking to it.

3. Time heals all wounds!
You know that time heals all wounds, so you can handle sudden stress that is outside your sphere of influence.

Just as important as dealing with stressful situations is a certain degree of resilience for a project manager. In addition to the ability to adapt to new situations and circumstances, this psychological resilience is often not to be neglected and helps to survive difficult situations without any residual impairment.