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Project work is always team work.
It involves people with different professional backgrounds and experience (competences) working together. Sometimes, team members have different cultural backgrounds, speak different languages, hold different values and have different basic outlooks on life. In order to overcome these obstacles, the project manager has to be able to implement effective workshops [10]!

Effective workshops – environment and technology
Ensure that a suitable room is selected and that the room contains the right technical equipment (flip chart, pin board, presentation materials, projector, whiteboard, markers).

Effective workshops – implementation
Good visualisation is essential in a good workshop, i.e. the following steps have to be written on a flip chart or overhead projector transparency. This ensures that the team is involved.

Effective workshops – follow-up
Prepare a report detailing the workshop results. Use photo reports because they have a high recognition value and are easy to distribute.

Workshop: Implementation

  • Objective: Focus on the issues to be dealt with at the workshop. If a work breakdown structure is being created, the question to ask is "What do we have to do to solve the problem?" (Please refer to the specific workshop instructions).
  • Procedure: Plan the workshop agenda or procedures.
  • Roles: Define roles (these are generally time manager, minute taker, team leader and presenter).
  • Duration: Estimate the duration of each procedure.
  • Dates: Define the timeframe for each procedure.
  • Implement: Implement the workshop as planned.