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The IAPM International Association of Project Managers is a networking organisation of project management experts and enthusiasts from around the world. Its mission is to promote project success and raise awareness of best project management practices and frameworks.

We are pleased to present the White Paper "Artificial Intelligence in Project Management: Why you shouldn't do without it" by Thomas Schlereth and Michael Fenske from Can Do GmbH. We would like to thank the two authors and our long-standing partner Can Do for this valuable contribution to the topic.

Artificial Intelligence is a term that is playing an increasingly important role in many industries and fields. The role of AI in project management is also increasingly being discussed. This White Paper examines when it makes sense to use AI in project management and the challenges that can arise. It provides valuable insights into the role of humans in implementing AI and discusses how hybrid planning approaches can be used to maximise the benefits of AI. The paper also looks at how AI works in project planning and where its limitations lie.

With this White Paper, we hope to provide all interested parties with a valuable insight into the role of AI in project management. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas and Michael as well as Can Do, who made the creation of this White Paper possible.

We hope you enjoy reading this paper.

IAPM International Association of Project Managers