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Why AI makes sense in project management

They really do still exist - the project managers who plan their projects with a spreadsheet or other misappropriated programmes. This may work for a start-up and charmingly underline the agile character of the projects in a naïve way, but it won't work for long, because Artificial Intelligence in project management is no longer just "nice to have", but often indispensable.

Scaling - only with AI

If you are a small company with a handful of projects, a Kanban board and a spreadsheet are often enough to achieve your goals. However, it is not the goal of such a company to remain small and manageable. Therefore, project management should also be able to grow with the company through appropriate tools. An AI is able to scale its capabilities. From single, manageable projects to huge multi-project portfolios.

More realistic forecasts

Who is able to predict the results of their work months in advance? When people plan the future, it cannot be fortune-telling, but only individually coloured estimates. Such inaccurate assumptions can be recorded in software, mapped and taken into account in the project forecast. This makes the forecast more realistic. A pleasant side effect: acceptance among users increases because they are not forced to specify a bogus accuracy.

AI as co-pilot

Before everyone involved in the project throws up their hands and fears for their jobs: An AI is able to recognize human patterns, learn from them and deliver realistic results and recommendations accordingly. However, control over the planning always remains with the human. Therefore, an AI has an advisory role and does not take over the control of projects. Human factors must continue to be seen as strengths for project progress, this is true for traditional project management and probably even more so for agile projects.