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Closing words


You have now completed all 11 chapters that are relevant for passing the certification exam. Furthermore you have mastered everything that is important to carry out a project within the Scrum framework. Now only one thing is missing: your certificate from the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM), with which you can prove your competence as a member of a Scrum Team.

The certification process

After you have completed this IAPM web-learning course, you are ready to register for the certification exam including pre-test. First you should take the pre-test. This test is not compulsory, but is highly recommended in order to identify knowledge deficits and to get to know the structure of the examination system - the structure of both the pre-test and the examination are identical. The pre-test is already included when you register for the Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) certification exam. Once you have taken the pre-test, you will receive feedback from our team, which will tell you which chapters still need to be improved. You can review these chapters in the web-learning portal and work through them in detail.

Basically, we recommend you to work through all chapters again before you take the certification exam.

If you enjoyed our web-learning course, you can of course share it with your friends and colleagues!

We wish you every success in the certification exam and a lot of fun with your projects!


International Association of Project Managers