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Chapter 1 – The Project Check

What is a project and how to find out?

Part 1


On the way back to his office, the second-in-command Dr. Carl Rogers bumps into David Bourges. Mr. Bourges had been managing the project to restructure the company's Development Business Unit for over a year now. "Hello Dr. Rogers, how are you? You've probably heard through the grapevine that we need a new hay fever medication. I'd like you to head the project. Can you outline a few initial ideas for me and meet me to discuss them in my office?"

Astounded and rendered speechless by David's ambush-like request, Dr. Rogers returns to his office. His mind is buzzing. With more than a little concern, he recalls how his former boss had suddenly been sent into retirement. The managing board had made serious accusations about his poor management and the sub-standard performance of his business unit. In the end, he caved in to the pressure and stepped down to be replaced.

In his mind, Dr. Rogers goes through the task he has been given and quickly realises that it wasn't a routine task, but a project.

But what exactly are the different types of projects and how can a project be distinguished from a routine task?