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Chapter 3 – The Project Environment

How to analyse the project environment properly?

Part 1


Dr. Rogers knows that projects aren't implemented in a vacuum. They are formulated, assessed and implemented in the project environment. But what exactly is the environment of his project? To figure out all effects – negative as well as positive and indirect as well as direct – he begins to write down everything that comes to his mind. Now it becomes clear to him that he has got his project structure wrong, all the time. Upon further thought he realises that his ideas of effects can be structured in six different sectors: political, economic, social, technological, legal and ecological. He throws away the notes that he had made before for his presentation and starts again. This time, though, he doesn't structure it as he had been requested to, but focuses on the project's requirements. He plans to centre his review around the stakeholder and environment analyses. And what about the results? He decides not to focus on presenting the current project status, but to compile a list of all activities that can contribute to the successful implementation of the project.

By the end of this chapter you will know how to analyse the environment of a project and be able to carry out a PESTLE-analysis.