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Chapter 6 – Creation of the specification

Part 3


Now, that you are familiar with the specifications, here is what you need to know:

Technical term Definition
Specifications Ensure that project outcomes (goals) are determined before the project is carried out
Requirement specification This is prepared by the customer
Performance specification This is prepared by the supplier in response to the customer's requirements specification
Quality Function Deployment Methodology that is directly related to the product and is used to ascertain the requirements of the end-user and to realise technical objectives
Configuration Functions and physical features of a product or service as described in the supporting documents and implemented in the product
Detailed and complete compilation and documentation of project results and their systematic updating when project changes are implemented
Configuration management process Consists of:
Configuration identification
Configuration control
Configuration accounting
Configuration auditing

Let's practice – transfer project

Now it's your turn.

Since you are a project manager on your own and don't work in a company with a quality management, you have to use the above-mentioned specification format for writing down the requirements of your friend.


Specification "Wedding Project" (exemplary)
1. General
1.1 Application Area
Wedding of Maria und Lucas, in July.

1.2 Relevant Documents and Regulations
Certificates of birth (bride, groom)
Certificates of identification of bride, groom and witnesses to a marriage

1.3 Description of Object (Subject of Project)
Organised wedding, including:
- Bachelor evening
- Marriage at registry office
- Lunch, coffee and cake at noon, dinner
- Evening activities
- Musical accompaniment and other knick-knack
- …
1.4 Change Processes and Form
Change process:
- Planned changes will be discussed with the project manager.
- The project manager coordinates the changes with the client.
- The client releases the changes or rejects them with justification.
- The project manager revises the project plan.
- The project manager informs the relevant stakeholders about the changes.

Change request (form)
Request owner:
Component affected:
Designation (reason for the change and description of the change):
Documents to be updated:
Equipment and resources to be changed:
Impact on, for instance
- stakeholders
- other work packages
- deadlines and costs
Change priority:
Change request owner: (Name, date, signature)
Implementation decision/ change conference: (Signature, date)

2. Performance Qualities
2.1 Performance Expectation by Function
3 stars catering for 200 guests
First-class entertainment programme (music, show)
First-rate children's programme

2.2 Operational Performance Expectation
The marriage is certified.
The stakeholders are happy with the course of the wedding.
The newly-wed enjoying their honeymoon (planning and realization of the honeymoon-event is not part of this wedding project).

2.3 Constructional & Design Demands
Celebratory wedding frame has yet to be determined.
Stylistics (ambience, music, etc.) have yet to be determined.

3. Environment
3.1 Climate Requirements
Temperature and air humidity has to be defined (need for air conditioning, sun protection etc.?).
Probability of rain has to be checked (need for umbrellas?)

3.2 Mechanical Requirements
For the transport of equipment the width and height of corridors has to be checked.
The maximum load rating for the stage has to be checked.

3.3 Other Requirements
Emergency escape route has to be checked

4. Interfaces
4.1 Overview
See analysis of stakeholders and environment.

4.2 Descriptions
Within this projects we have interfaces between:
- Stakeholders, seen and descripted in the stakeholder analysis
- Vehicles, buildings, equipment, technique etc., seen and descripted in the PESTLE-analysis

5. Tests and Quality Assurance
5.1 Types of Test
Pre-tests of the services and goods provided by potential partners
Satisfaction of the stakeholders (via questionings)

5.2 Test Plans
Food provided by the restaurant - Menu Demonstrations
Latest six weeks before the wedding: The bridal pair will try out the chosen dishes, so that they can gain a firsthand experience of their choices.

5.3 Approval Documentation
Release of the chosen dishes (declaration by bridal pair).

5.4 Tests Overview
Tests will be organised for these areas:
Dishes (latest six week before the wedding)
Venue (…)
Music (…)

Test yourself!

Now it's time to check your knowledge.

Answer the following questions for yourself. Please take your time and think carefully about what you would answer before revealing the solution.

What is a requirement specification?

A requirements specification includes all of the customer's requirements in respect of the supplier's work and services. It stipulates what is to be done and why.

What does a performance specification contain?

A performance specification contains the suppliers' proposals based on the customer requirements specification.

What is a specification?

A specification is a formal description of a product, system or service.

What does the specification contain?

The specification generally makes precise reference to the test method which is to be used to verify that each of the defined characteristics has been met.

What is the difference between a requirements specification and a performance specification?

In the tender process, the requirements specification is prepared by the customer and the performance specification is prepared by the supplier in response to the customer's requirements specification.