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Chapter 2 - Project File

Part 1


Now that Dr. Rogers has done the project check, he can set up the project file, which accompanies him throughout the whole project. Immediately, he begins to work out the file, but soon is distracted by his secretary. "Mr. Rogers, I'm sorry to interrupt you, we have a student here. He makes his internship at our company and I was told that you are the contact person for interns in project management."

Behind her stands a tall man in his early twenties and looks curiously. "It's perfect that you're here. Please come in. Thank you, Jane" Dr. Rogers replies, offering the student a seat. "I'm working on the project file right now so you'll learn how a project file could be organised and which aspects we consider as particularly important. This is the beginning of each project. From now on, you will go through all the steps necessary to complete a project with me."