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Chapter 8 - Creation of the Specification

Part 1


Now that Dr. Rogers has worked out the project goals, built his project team and talked with them about communication, he can go on with the specification. Therefore, he and his team need to define the work and services which are to be performed, specify the main prerequisites to be met and identify all the things which have to be taken into consideration. In a nutshell - they have to prepare a performance specification. Thankfully, their company is well structured and has a quality management system, so the specification has a standardised format. Some years ago, Dr. Rogers remembers like it was yesterday, when they hadn't had this standardised system, they used a template which needed to be adapted all the time. To prove his team how easy their lives are now, he shows the standard format. "Look, in the past you had to be more creative, that all your ideas fit into this pattern."

Standard format of a performance specification.

John, who's always eager to learn, asks: "But what was done if it wasn't possible to provide any information with regard to any of the above items?" "Well, thanks John for this interesting question. In this case you just wrote "to be defined" plus the names of the team members who were responsible for the specific topic".