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Chapter 11 - Work Package

Part 1


Over the next few hours, the team alternates between working individually and as a team. The work breakdown structure was produced in a very positive and constructive environment. Carl Rogers simply let them get on with it. He had assigned himself the role of work group moderator. When the WBS is finished, the project team has the basis for efficient and team-oriented project work.

The entries in the WBS can now be transformed into work packages, which basically is a collection of tasks and allocated resources. Dr. Rogers pulls out a stack of form sheets and hands them to the team: "To specify the work packages, you can use this template."

A work package sheet inlcudes all important information to work on it, like the work package owner, the duration an the activities which comprise the work package.

He continues: "It is important, that you assign only one responsible person for one work package. This is the person in charge of the work package who also has to further specify the tasks and activities."