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Chapter 19 - Project Close-out

Part 1


Dr. Rogers is still sitting in the cafeteria with John. With his notebook in front of him, he is drinking his second cup of coffee: "Well John, now we come to the last point I want to discuss with you." John ponders for a moment and guesses: "You're talking about closing the project, aren't you?" "Exactly. Imagine the project comes to an end and all the dimensions of the project have been mastered. What do you think are those dimensions?" "I'd say that refers to time, cost and performance?" "Absolutely. Here the magic triangle of project management can be observed again. It stretches throughout the entire project. Furthermore, the stakeholder satisfaction is a dimension of project success which shouldn't be underestimated."

"Okay, but that won't be all I need to know about the project close-out, will it?" "No, there's a lot to learn, don't worry. I'll tell you more about it right now", Dr. Rogers replies.