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Chapter 19 - Project Close-out

Part 3


To summarise the keywords of that chapter, here is a quick overview:

Technical term Definition
Project conclusion = Poject close-out
All procedures and documents that are necessary for the proper conclusion of the project, such as acceptance/handover of project results, final accounts, controlling, project documentation, project evaluation, assessment, reporting
Assessment = Evaluation
This term is generally used in conjunction with diagnostic monitoring
Project results Project target situations differ depending on the project type. In some cases, deliverable specifically means physical result (e.g. a building), although it is generally used - in organisation projects for instance - to describe a physical result and its environment

Test yourself!

Now it is time to check your knowledge.

Answer the following questions for yourself. Please take your time and think carefully about what you would answer before revealing the solution.

What issues should be discussed at a project closure meeting?
  • Project results - What objectives were attained?
  • Analysis processes - feedback
  • Project learning - safeguarding knowledge
  • Information on project close-out
  • Assignment of remaining tasks
  • Celebration of the project's conclusion
When is a project deemed to have been closed-out?
  • The work or services have been performed and accepted by the customer.
  • The costs have been evaluated and the project audit process has ended.
  • The project has been evaluated, assessed and documented for future reference.
What tasks have to be performed at the end of the project?

At objective level

  • Acceptance, testing and assessment of the project and project objectives
  • Documentation of work performed and work outstanding
  • Dissolution of key relationships with project stakeholders
  • Analysis of the cost, profit and financial situation

At relationship level

  • Planning of personnel transfers
  • Separation rituals - close-out meeting, awards
Which methods of project analysis support project learning?

At objective level

  • Calculation of historical costs
  • Project cost databases
  • Performance indicators and performance indicator systems
  • Customer survey

At relationship level

  • Questionnaire
  • Feedback interviews

At objective and relationship level

  • Project personnel questionnaires
  • Project experience databases
When can a project be considered to have been a success?

A project is successful if the persons involved are satisfied and positively evaluate the quality of the work and services performed (project deliverable in the narrower sense), as well as budget and schedule adherence.

What are the dimensions of project success?
  1. Costs, deadlines
  2. Performance or quality of the technical solution
  3. Stakeholder satisfaction