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Welcome to the world of professional project managers!

Since you have decided to take the exam for the Certified Project Manager (IAPM) or Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM), this online course will lead you through the field of project management and helps you making a great step towards your next career stage.


Project management is a large area, which covers everything from simple structuring methods, over complex network plans up to procedure models for team building processes. At first, this may appear a bit overwhelming, but don't worry - we will guide you!

What is awaiting you?

The project map shows which chapters will be dealt with later on and in which order.

Before you start…

…let us introduce you to this training system.
On the left-hand margin of the screen, the primary structure can be seen. Here you will find the previous shown subjects - consider these as your majors. The elements of this structure build upon one another, it is recommended to work them through in a chronological order. When a specific topic is selected, a drop-down menu reveals the subordinate entries. These consist of learning units, sorted by increasing difficulty to gradually deepen the knowledge. Each learning unit itself has different lessons, which can be seen on the right margin. You can go through the different chapters and units by clicking the entries or by using the buttons on the bottom of the page.

Description of symbols


Be careful, here is a common pitfall


Things you should ask yourself


Additional insights are given


Test your knowledge


Shows the solution of the exercise

Last but not least: even if this is an online course, sometimes it is not a bad idea to take notes.